Anneline_PadayacheeDr Anneline Padayachee: Nutritional Food Scientist.

Dr Anneline is an expert in the sciences of nutrition and food:

  • nutrient components in food that are beneficial for health and well being
  • the components that make up food – and how they can be “manipulated” or “modified” when we cook, process or make new food products.

From breast milk science to maternal and infant nutritional needs, the role of packaging on meat tenderness and the future of dairy products, alternative proteins and plant-based innovations, Dr Anneline covers ALL aspects of food and nutrition from paddock to the end user to poop. She is focused on taking research out of the labs and commercialising it promoting innovation in industry while making good food better for consumers.


  • PhD Nutritional Food Science
  • BAppliedScience (Food Science and Nutrition)
  • BAppliedScience – Honours (Food Science and Nutrition – majoring in Nutritional Epidemiology) (1st Class)
  • Cert 3 and 4 – Group Fitness and Personal Training

Professional registrations:

  • Registered Nutritionist with The Nutrition Society of Australia
  • Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology

Notable Career Awards:

  • Future Food Leader in Innovation, AIFST and FIAL
  • The Nutrition Society of Australia’s Award for Research Excellence in Nutrition and Dietary Fibre Research, NSA
  • Australia’s National Best Performing Fresh Science Communicator, Fresh Science Australia

With nearly 20 years of experience in the food and nutrition sector from industry to research to academia to private business, the CSIRO trained scientist is also an:

  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer with The University of Queensland
  • Associate Academic with The University of Melbourne

Dr Anneline, award-winning scientist and published author, is renown for her easy communication style, translating the complex in the simple and has been named one of Australia’s leading science communicators. The highly sought after speaker and thought leader has a reputation for mixing scientific evidence with the realities of life and futuristic, motivational thinking.
The glass is always full.

For a full discourse of Dr Anneline’s professional history, check out her LinkedIn profile.

Dr Anneline is physically located in Brisbane, Australia although she works with industry bodies, commercial clients and one-on-one individuals across Australia and internationally. For more information on her product offerings, check out the services page.

The beliefs and underlying principles of Dr Anneline when it comes to food, nutrition, the food supply and eating is available here FN_Belief Systems_0719.