Perfectly poached eggs.

Who loves a perfectly poached eggs? On fresh bread with sauteed mushrooms and spinach and a grilled tomato on the side…?
Oh man, my mouth is there already!!
I love poached eggs. The soft, gooey yumminess that isn’t all that bad for you either.
Eggs are a great source of protein (esp. the whites) and vitamin A (aka retinol) needed for your retina (in addition to other functions). The yolk is also a source of haem iron – the easy to absorb iron.
Yes the yolk does contain cholesterol, but an egg ~4 times a weeks is perfectly fine part of a balanced healthy diet jam packed with plenty of wholegrains, fruits and vegetables. Plus poached eggs don’t contain additional “fat” calories from frying in oil like fried eggs do. Bonus.

I digress – short story: So I had to do a routine blood test due to a medication I was on. The doctor was specifically checking for by blood fat profiles. During the course of the year, my cholesterol levels had not budged, staying right in the very healthy zone. But then 3 weeks out from my last blood test for the year I pigged out on eggs having a minimum of 2 eggs (on a light day) but up to 3 eggs (on a really egg-craving day). I just craved eggs. As a nutritionist I realised that this was probably a bit toooooo much. All my eggs were poached or boiled, not fried or scrambled or made into an omlette.
So I go for my blood test and hey presto, my LDL cholesterol was in the HIGH range, much to my doctor’s puzzlement…especially as I’m a nutritionist, and it’s been low all year. I kinda expected it… I cut back on my copious eating of eggs, and 6 weeks later, blood test was smack on perfect.
Moral of the story – if you’re like me and eat a VERY healthy diet and then pig on on 3 eggs per day (poached or soft boiled) you will raise your bad cholesterol. So don’t pig out on eggs. Or pig out on anything really…Everything in moderation according to the Dietary Guidelines. There is a lot of scientific evidence to back up the guidelines, so follow them :-).

But back to poaching eggs.
So you want to know how to poach an egg perfectly? Well there are a few techniques ranging from wrapping your raw egg in cling wrap and immersing in boiling water (there are so many things wrong with this method on so many levels – e.g how do you wrap a cracked runny raw egg in cling wrap, boiling cling wrap just does’t sound that , er, healthy to me either) to swirling boiling water til it forms a vortex and pouring your egg into the middle of it and scooping it up within 1 minute.
I admit I have tried both and weren’t successful in either (plus method one had the added risk of me consuming melted clingwrap so that egg got binned)…But a method I do use, and use well is similar to the technique shown in the following clip. I use a LOT of water – to completely immerse my egg. Soft boil – nothing too bubbly and intense, just nice a gently. I do add a splash of lemon juice or vinegar to harden the egg white faster, but leave a nice soft yolk.

So enjoy this clip and start enjoying your perfectly poached eggs with a nice gooey yolk a few times a week :-).

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