So who am I and what is this all about?

Question 1:

Hi. My name is Anneline Padayachee and I’m The Simple Scientist. And I am a board-registered nutritionist. And I eat cake. Real cake. That tastes great. At times. In moderation. On special occasions. And I enjoy every bite. No guilt. Because food, real food, is meant to be enjoyed, not feared.

Question 2:

Because the world needs another food blogger show-casing his/her culinary skills to the world. No seriously, welcome to my blog. Yes there are some recipes. The ones that have actually worked out. But there is a bit more too food that just eating and cooking. Food is fuel. Food is energy. Food is the basis of culture. Food affects health. Food is health. Food, glorious food. I can’t get enough of this stuff (literally). This blog is more than just recipes that I’ve created or have been handed down to my from my mom, Cookie (yup that really is her name! So if you call me a “Smart Cookie”, you are sooo totally right!).

This blog aims to breakdown some of the misnomas floating around based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence. From time to time I will have some amazing colleagues that I am privileged to share the world’s oxygen supply with providing their expertise in topics relating to meat science, dairy, agriculture, GM foods, climate change, farming, animal welfare and ethics, dietetics, public health nutrition, advertising and more.

If you want to find out more about me personally, check out the “About Anneline” tab. If you want to contact me, check out the “Contact” page. If you want to spend some time chillaxing, I would totally recommend an infrared sauna session followed by a hot stone massage – neither of which you will find on this blog.
However feel free to look around. Hope you find something that not only tantalizes your taste-buds, but also opens your knowledge to a new dimension that food is.

Ciao, Anneline