Random facts

So scientists are more often than not perceived to be somewhat of a special breed. Like we’re not really in touch with other humans (think Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory). And I will admit, I have met some scientists who are so intelligent, their intelligence is mind-blowing. And social-skills are pretty well blown as well. However the majority of us aren’t like that. So here’s a bunch of useless facts so you will see I really am a human just like you. Plus /minus my own unique quirkiness.

My family (L-R): David, Anneline, Cliantha, Cookie (mom) and Jesse (dad).
  1. Full name:
    Anneline Padayachee (I do not have a middle name) – pronounced Anna-lean Pad-day-ya-chee (not being very well versed in Indian anything, I think I may be saying my surname wrong though haha!)
  2. DOB:
    Ha. Yeah right.
  3. Place of Birth:
    Port Elizabeth, South Africa  
  4.  Favourite food:
    – 1kg of lychees – my LOVE for lychees is extreme. No kidding. The saying “the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach”… well for me it is pretty much the same as long as it is lychees that are on offer.
  5. Least favourite food:
    Anything that is deep-fried, battered and deep-fried, covered with icing/cream, sickly sweet or any artificial weird colour
    – I don’t like sweets
    White bread
    – Commercial sausages (aka mystery pockets!)
    – Bland everything
    – Tomato sauce
    – Anything that needs tomato sauce to give it flavour
    – Okra… I’m all for veggies and I’m all for jelly, but okra which is basically jellified veggie is not the easiest thing for me to swallow
  6. Favourite drink:
    – Plain hot water
    – Plain milk
    – I don’t drink alcohol
    – I don’t drink soft drinks (unless I absolutely have to)
    – Very rarely will I drink juice, but if I do it’ll be tomato juice or a 100% cloudy fruit drink (with pulp please) and topped up with water.
  7.  Tea or coffee:
    – Tea – herbal, no milk, no sweetener
    – Favourite flavour: ginger / rooibos / lemongrass and rooibos. If I do have milk, then a homemade masala chai tea boiled slowly from scratch.
  8. Favourite colour:
    – Green. All shades. Especially bright green.
    – And red. Everyone knows red cars go faster.
    – And everything  bright and not brown or khaki or all black (sorry Melbourne, but the whole Melbourne black thing is just so sad).
  9.  Movies or Theatre:
    Neither. I struggle to sit for a long time doing nothing. Plus my mind wanders so I don’t pay attention fully. Even when confined to a seat on a long-haul flight, I prefer to watch the flight path than a movie! It usually takes me 3 or 4 goes to watch a movie – bits and pieces over time. If  I were forced to choose a movie for some unknown reason, it would most likely be “The First Grader”. And then maybe “Long walk to Freedom”, “Cry Freedom”, “The Power of One” or “Rabbit Proof Fence.”  
  10.  TV shows:
    I don’t watch TV. It drains the imagination and the mind. And wastes time. I do not watch the news – it is filled with sadness and fear. Twitter, Flipboard, my mom and Hamish and Andy let me know what is going on in the world.
  11. Books:
    – Cook books. No sweat. I have the BIGGEST cook book collection. I read them like normal people read novels or the newspaper. I just love reading about food.
    – Autobiographies.

    * Cookie Padayachee’s “2 Years to Live”
    * Nelson Mandela’s “Long walk to Freedom”
    * Latifa’s “My Forbidden Face – Growing up under the Taliban: A Young Women’s story”
    * Dr. James Cole’s “Trauma: My life as an Emergency Surgeon”
    – If I had to pick a fictitious story:
    * Jerry B. Jenkins “Riven” (charts the destructive route from childhood to the death chamber of a young murderer born into a dysfunctional family environment)
    * Bryce Courtney’s “The Power of One”, “Whitehorse” and “Tandia”.
    – I LOVE Archie comics. Archie comics, a big bowl of lychees and a spot in the sun is my kinda chillax.
  12. Weirdest injury:
    I have a few. My ex-supervisor and friend, Lisa, (blogger at Sucre Belle – you should check it out, her cake creations are AMAZING!) is testament to this:
    – over-worked jaw and neck muscles from chewing too much gum (banned for 6 months!)
    – torn patella tendon (I had a (15mm (length) x 4mm (breadth) x 2mm (width) shard of porcelain in my knee… for 6 months…no joke.)
    – I accidentally got undiluted concentrated chilli pepper oleoresin (i.e. the same stuff police use in pepper spray – just concentrated!) in my eye at work… I had to be hospitalised and wear a patch for a few days…
  13. Favourite sport:
    – Basketball
    – Soccer
    – Golf
    – V8 supercars and Formula 1 racing
    – Surfing (Is there anything unlikeable about the beach?)
    – One-day cricket (test cricket is only good the first half day and the last half day!)
    – Rugby Union (go the Wallabies!)
  14.  Hobbies
    Archery. Yup that’s right – complete bow and arrow Robin Hood style.
    Caving – mud, frigid ice-water, dark, small spaces (even if I am claustrophobic), rough rocks resulting in scratched hands and finger tips. Seriously amazing stuff.
    Fishing – all sorts. I just like it.
    Pilates – hot pilates and reformer (I do pilates 5 times per week). 
  15.  Favourite quote:
    Two quotes in particular:
    “Life is like a taxi: the meter keeps ticking whether you are sitting still or going somewhere” by Lou Ericko
    – “Analyse your mistakes. You’ve already paid the tuition, you might as well get the lesson” by Tim Fargo