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Dr Anneline, one of Australia’s leading communicators in everything from the immature digestive tract of a newborn, nutrition and preventative healthy eating, gut health to consumer motivations and behaviours and opportunities to grow and development as an individual, a food company or an industry sector.

Drawing on her interest in history and anthropology, as well as her extensive knowledge and experience in food and nutrition, Dr Anneline is able to link scientific evidence with a historical and societal context that shows where we’ve come, why we are who we are, and where we could be going with different options.

AP_1 (2)In previous corporate roles, Dr Anneline headlined national tours educating specialised audiences (e.g. doctors, paediatricians, neonatologists, nurses) as well as developming material for marketing including TV commercials, advertorials in medical journals and on-pack claims. Conference speaker, motivational and career-choice speaker, expert panelist, corporate dinner entertainer, and school speaker, Dr Anneline focuses on the realities of the issue at hand, with practical applications everyone can take home. While others may be focused on story-telling, Dr Anneline uses stories to take the listener on a journey to an end point where they are left with key practical actions to take away and poignant thoughts to mull over.

Relatable, relevant and usable.

Some of her presentations include:

  • Milk: The real value proposition of a historical staple
  • Dairy protein: growth opportunities for the dairy sector in a plant-based world
  • The rise of plant based diets impact on animal-derived protein
  • Milk vs Mylk: nutritional differences
  • Eating to prevent bowel cancer
  • The rise of obesity: who is the at fault and where to next
  • Healthy eating for optimal productivity and output

An example of Dr Anneline in action is at the Australian Dairy Conference 2019, Canberra (click on image to watch full presentation):


The adaptable presenter and engaging speaker has also hosted an episode of Entrepreneurs TV show focusing on the Future of Food (click on image to watch full presentation):



What sets Dr Anneline apart from other speakers is that she creates bespoke presentations for each audience, tailored to their needs and interests. If you would like Dr. Anneline to speak at your event, organisation or school, please reach out via the contact page.